Memphis Foundation


The Memphis foundation mobilized resources for deaf and blind youth in Cape Coast. The foundation donated 500 branded sports outfits to the children. With this gesture the foundation wants to demonstrate the believe in these children and support their right to be included in all aspects of society. By their reaction, clearly the children feel the love. They immediately tried on their fresh outfits. We look forward to seeing them enjoying the power of sports. In honor of the friendship between Memphis and the school for deaf and blind children in Ghana a tree was planted.  The tree is called The Memphis Foundation tree. As the tree grows, and deepens it’s roots, so too does their friendship and connection.

2022 | Construction of improved
sanitation facilities at School in Cape Coast Ghana

We are proud to announce that we successfully completed the construction of shower and biodigester toilet facilities at the School of Deaf and Blind in Cape Coast Ghana. We also connected the school to running water with a overhead storage tank. The water supply system includes a filtering system to use the water for washing hands and clothes, showering but also used as drinking water. The school is a boarding school where over 500 disabled children board for at least 5 days a week. Most children have to travel from different communities far away from the school. Therefore basic amenities are even more important.

The School of Deaf and the Blind is located in Cape Coast which is a coastal city in the south of Ghana. The Foundation is supporting the school for a few years and asked the management, teachers and students from the school during participative discussions what the most urgent and highest need was for the school. The conclusion was overwhelming on improving the deplorable state of the sanitation at the school. There was only a very old small building far away from the school and disconnected from water. This caused that many children couldn’t do their need as and when needed because they needed a teacher to walk to the far away place.

The Foundation outsourced and supervised the construction to a local contractor. After levelling the area the contractor started with the foundation of the building. A piping and drainage system was completed with the use of a digester system which is more environmental and maintenance friendly. The local water company was consulted to connect the piping system to the water supplier. A big water storage tank was placed on the roof of the building in order to have enough water even when there are water challenges from the water supplier. The contractor completed the project in the first week of July.

Later in July, Memphis Depay together with a group of friends and other invited guests officially opened the facilities. On this day a lot of sport and other fun activities were organised for and by the   children. All children got a free haircut from professional hairdressers, games, music and of course some exciting game football. Memphis good friend and great artist from Ghana Bisa Kdei gave a performance for all students and invitees. This was a very relaxing and beautiful day. The School Head, staff and students were very excited. The Foundation aims to continue the support for the Cape Coast School of Deaf and Blind with more meaningful projects in the future. The Foundation wants to positively impact the lives of these disabled children and help them to have better opportunities to develop themselves for a better future.